French Citizenship

In order to get French citizenship or permit to enter the country, you need to get Visa. Apply for any kind of visa you can in a country you are located.

Our legal adviser can prepare the document package for you, for the price you want!

Moreover, you can apply for the citizenship after living 5 years in France. A very important advantage in your portfolio will be a French school or university diploma!

These are the basic ways to get nationality or long-term visa for non-European citizens. In addition, you can qualify for the citizenship if one of your relatives is French or your husband/wife is a French citizen.

Another way to get French passport is to serve in French Foreign Legion for 5 years.

Eather way, you highly recommended getting a consultation with a specialist concerning your concrete situation and your options to get French papers. Normally French lawyers gladly take immigration cases, because it takes a lot of time to «close the case», therefore, the payment is truly high.

Generally, a typical lawyer takes from 100 to 350 euros per hour, and that does not include preparation of needed documents and additional services, like accompanying the client to the prefecture. However, Pravovz allows saving thousands of euros on such serious matter like applying for citizenship or long-term permit.

Pravovoz – is a new stream in legal consultancy domain, where the payment is equivalent to the provided service and does not require any additional expenses. The main advantage of our service – is that all actions are taken ONLINE. You can manage any legal concern with French lawyer without leaving home, staying at any place in the world and on your terms and your price!

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