Outsource as an efficient business necessity

Outsourcing was developed in the USA by airway company. They were first who decided to outsource call centers. The company realized that educate employees, invest in their development and skill is costly and the risk of failure still remain. Therefore, the company decided to outsource the service to a special company who is specialized in call centers, responsible for the result and has its own educated employees. 

Today 89% of US companies use outsourcing. Moreover, almost every young company and startup use outsource in order to cut costs and have a quality result.

Google describes outsourcing as “a transfer by an organization on the basis of a contract of certain business processes and production functions of another company specializing in this field”.

More than half a century ago, organizations that offer services for business began to appear in the states. One of the first major examples of outsourcing was American Airlines, which abandoned the staff of the operators and transferred all functions for calling customers of a small organization dealing exclusively with telephony and communications. Outsourcing very quickly began to gain popularity, according to the results of quarterly and annual reports, its effectiveness was evident. Instead of costs for maintaining equipment, paying salaries, deductions to trade unions and investing in employee training, you can pay once per contract and in the event of default, return the invested money back. However, the biggest gain in outsourcing was found by companies whose work is seasonal, because if you work only in the summer, why do you need to keep an accountant and pay him a salary every month?

According to the statistics of the Outsourcing Institute (USA), which has been running since 1997, at the moment 89% of enterprises in America outsource some of the business processes, while the leaders of the list are It-outsourcing, call centers, and accounting support. Let's not be unfounded and for comparison, we will look at data on the use of outsourcing in Europe. According to the Eurostat (statistical office of the European Union) in Germany, 87% of enterprises use outsourcing, in France 88%, and in Lichtenstein 94%! On average in Europe, taking into account all countries experiencing hard times, 83% of companies use outsourcing.

Every year more and more professionals prefer to perform freelance services and the marketplace that offers such opportunity plays a role of an outsourcing unit for the businesses. What’s more, it is a win-win situation for lawyers performing online and for business in need for cheaper and quality labor.

Online lawyers is a new developing domain due to the new demand on the market.

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