French Lawyers Embrace Legal Tech to Fight Fake Lawyers

Marseille`s initiative follows a similar action by an influential Parisian club to create an incubator that will help lawyers learn about legal tech, and, if possible, support the development of start-ups created by lawyers and law firms.
Julien Ayun, one of the groups of lawyers in the Marseilles council, organizing the incubator project, which officially launched on March 27, said: "There are many commercial legal companies that do not have lawyers. They may not have the same legal ethics [as lawyers]. "
"Commercial companies [in the legal sector] do not use the same rules [as lawyers]. Some of them are good, some of them are not so good, "he added. Ayuan said that seeing the rapid development of new legal tech companies, the council decided to respond by encouraging lawyers to create their own answers in the style of a start-up. ”We saw that if we had not created our own legal technology, then in ten years the French lawyers would be in a bad situation," he added. "In this case, we need to adapt, we must develop."
In general, this assumes a difficult position for French lawyers and regulators who want to use new technologies but are also threatened by non-lawyers offering legal assistance, information, and other services via the Internet.
At one level, this step will no doubt be considered defensive, perhaps even protectionist. Nevertheless, it is also a sign that a relatively conservative professional culture is so impressed by the possibilities of legal technologies that they are forced to create their own technological solutions for the needs of customers.
Whether they can achieve their goal without creating joint ventures and partnerships with those who are experts in the field of legal technologies, for example, programmers who very often are not lawyers, remains to be seen.
At present, the French position is slightly different from the reaction of certain approaches of the lawyer. For example, the Law Society of England and Wales openly urged lawyers to take not only legal tech but also artificial intelligence, not seeking to distinguish the question of whether legal tech companies are working as lawyers.

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