The Status of a Migrant in France - What Will the New Law Change?

Living in France is the dream of a large number of people who want to choose a civilized life for themselves in a prosperous European country. For this reason, many people want to come to France for permanent residence. For the country itself, of course, this is an ambiguous process. On the one hand, the influx of new people into the country is additional personnel. On the other hand, France has a high unemployment rate. For this reason, an additional half a million migrants become a problem for the country. The new law, however, is quite contradictory, so who will benefit more from it - is not unique. But before we start talking about the new law, let's look at the current situation in France, what rights migrants have and what they must do in order to integrate into French society.


How to come live in France

If you want to come to live in France, then you need to start by getting a visa D in France. To date, to obtain such a visa is mandatory, if you want to enter the country legally. True, many choose illegal entry to France, although this creates great problems. Why not all get to fulfill all the rules that are necessary to come to France for permanent residence?


First, you need to open a bank account in France. On such an account is deposited the necessary amount of money, so that you can spend money from this account for your stay in this country. Unfortunately, not everyone has enough financial resources to comply with this rule, which leads to the forced need to migrate illegally.


Secondly, you need to decide exactly where you will live in France. The question of determining the place of residence in France is an extremely important issue. Someone wants to buy a house in France, but not always it is available for money. And even rent an apartment in France is not all, because it also requires some costs. Moreover, when renting a home in France in all cases, a contract is drawn up. This means that residence in France becomes legalized, as well as documented. This all creates additional difficulties, which are not always easily overcome by those who come to live in France. Not to mention that in order to rent an apartment in Paris, conclude an agreement and legally reside in France due to this, you first need to find a property with the appropriate status, that is, with the status of a dwelling. As for the price of apartments in Paris for rent, this price is usually very high. It turns out that the solution of the housing problem in France is quite difficult for migrants. Moreover, it is required to fully resolve this issue even before you enter the country.


Thirdly, it is necessary to prepare a number of other documents, for example, obtaining an insurance medical policy in France. Also, translation and apostilling of all documents that you may require if you apply to the French consulate are required.

As a result, we see that the process of entering a country such as France is difficult for many. But there are a lot of people wishing to enter France today. This is due to the following factors:

  • The citizens' understandable desire to come to France is due to the fact that this country has a higher standard of living. Naturally, everyone wants to live on their own and raise their children in a country where European standards and the level of civilization are present.
  • Currently, due to instability in African countries and in other countries, many are forced to leave their homeland and go abroad in search of a better share. But at the same time, of course, anyway, everyone wants to enter the country most adapted to a happy life, such as France.


As a result, this country takes a huge number of migrants every month. This is not only those who enter illegally, but also those who wish to obtain refugee status in France. This status allows you to legally reside in France, not being a citizen of this country and not even having a residence permit. It is enough to apply for refugee status so that any citizen can apply for housing, a small allowance and observance of all his human rights while the application is being considered. The increasing flow of refugees and migrants is perceived in different ways by the French, but mostly, of course, negatively.

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