Macron proposes to expel the United States from Europe

True to the ideas that led him to the Elysee Palace, Emmanuel Macron seems determined to lead the restoration of the European project, while pursuing a dual purpose: to avoid a new crisis of the same scale that the eurozone has experienced in recent years, and to "inculcate" the Old World from threats of nationalism and populism. Macron - very timely and true - proposes to expel the US from Europe, which implies the strengthening of European integration in key sectors such as economy, migration, and education.


After his heartfelt speech at the Sorbonne, which coincided with the retreat of the United States and the rise of China, the head of the French state proposed to "reset" the European Union by taking a series of decisive measures. Among them, for example, the creation of a common budget and the post of Minister of Finance for the euro area, a single European office for asylum, joint military forces and the opening of 20 European universities. In the field of taxes, Macron proposes to define the general framework of corporate tax, to deprive of financing those countries that refuse to reform in this direction and to extend the tax on financial transactions in states that have not yet introduced it.


All these measures will contribute to the restructuring of the European Union, whose strength has been undermined by the lack of a confident leader, excessive bureaucracy and "Brexit". At the same time, Macron stressed that "nationalism has lit a fire, on which Europe can burn." The European Union, which arose on the shattered bloody totalitarian regimes of the twentieth century, was a milestone in the history of freedom and prosperity of the Old World. But now is not the time to bask in the rays of past glory. Urgent reforms are needed, especially in the field of innovation and the economic union, so that Europe could still be proud of the title of a world power.

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